Choose Holiday Experiences, Not Transactions

Over the past four months we’ve been exploring the invisible economic kickbacks attached to money spent in Thunder Bay.  We’ve talked about the jobs that exist because of local businesses, the taxes they pay to support the quality of life we enjoy here, and the way they support local charities and organizations.  We’ve talked a lot about the importance of local business to the economy of Thunder Bay and its value to our wallets, but the holidays are a great time to leave economics aside and talk about feelings instead.

How will you spend the month of December?  At a time of year when we yearn for sharing, giving and spending time with loved ones will you make your transactions with your mouse and keyboard in the cold blue glow of your screen?  Because your money isn’t the most valuable thing you have to spend this month – the time you spend shopping and selecting gifts can be as fun and joyful for you as their giving.

Part of the TBay shopping experience is still about economics, because we tend to spend less when we shop in person.  With products physically in front of us and sales staff to advise us, it’s easier to be discerning about quality and so we do tend to spend more carefully.  But the best part of holiday shopping in TBay stores is the way you feel as you connect with other TBay people – that welcome feeling of belonging where you are.  You know how it is – you’ll run into old friends and decide to go for coffee together.  Or you’ll end up in laughing conversation with a perfect stranger and walk away with a smile on your face.  Or you’ll connect with a wonderful sales person who helps you find a gift so great you’ll spend the next few weeks imagining giving it.

Don’t miss out.  #ChooseTBayFirst and open yourself to those memorable holiday shopping experiences with local people instead of empty transactions online.  Why spend the holidays with your mouse and keyboard?