Why should we #ChooseTBayFirst?

When we spend our money with #TBay businesses, we contribute to a network that returns our money to our community in ways that benefit all of us, making Thunder Bay a better place to live. 

When we spend our money out of the community, it’s gone for good.  

What is #ChooseTBayFirst?

#ChooseTBayFirst is a community awareness campaign aimed at educating consumers about the ways money spent locally returns to us through a stronger, healthier community.

Our stories focus on businesses and people who:

  • support local jobs
  • contribute to our municipal tax base
  • help our charities, sports and cultural organizations
  • choose #TBay businesses themselves 

Our 2021 Campaign features a new video feature released each week on social media, robust storytelling around each feature, and a comprehensive advertising campaign on traditional media.

Each week we’ll explore a new business or a neighbourhood, asking employees and customers to share about the ways they ChooseTBayFirst. Through the eyes and words of people in our community, we’ll illustrate the ways dollars spent locally go on to benefit everyone in TBay.

How You Can Participate

We plan to publish a new video every Monday morning. These will be upbeat, uplifting stories that make people feel proud to live, work and shop in TBay. 

  • Follow us on Facebook
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  • Share our weekly videos
  • Like and comment on #ChooseTBayFirst posts on Facebook and Instagram
  • Tag us at @ChooseTBayFirst and share your own shop-local stories with the #ChooseTBayFirst tag
  • Contact us if you need a #ChooseTBayFirst campaign decal for your door or window!  chamber@tbchamber.ca

Our 2021 Campaign is produced by a team of Chamber Members working in cooperation:

Creative Direction & Campaign Management
Beanstalk Consulting

Videography & Editing
Sociable Thunder Bay

Photography & Videography
Epica Pictures

Social Media

Supported by Firedog Communications (Motion Graphics), Shout Media (contest design & graphics) and Primary Foto Source.

With thanks to our local media partners: