Why should we #ChooseTBayFirst?

When we spend our money with #TBay businesses, we contribute to a network that returns our money to our community in ways that benefit all of us, making Thunder Bay a better place to live. 

When we spend our money out of the community, it’s gone for good.  

What is #ChooseTBayFirst?

#ChooseTBayFirst is a community awareness campaign aimed at educating consumers about the ways money spent locally returns to us through a stronger, healthier community.

Our stories focus on businesses and people who:

  • support local jobs
  • contribute to our municipal tax base
  • help our charities, sports and cultural organizations
  • choose #TBay businesses themselves 




How You Can Participate

We plan to publish a new video every Monday morning. These will be upbeat, uplifting stories that make people feel proud to live, work and shop in TBay.

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  • Like and comment on #ChooseTBayFirst posts on Facebook and Instagram
  • Tag us at @ChooseTBayFirst and share your own shop-local stories with the #ChooseTBayFirst tag
  • Contact us if you need a #ChooseTBayFirst campaign decal for your door or window!  chamber@tbchamber.ca

Our 2021 Campaign is supported by:

Our 2021 Campaign is produced by a team of Chamber Members working in cooperation:

Creative Direction & Campaign Management
Beanstalk Consulting

Videography & Editing
Sociable Thunder Bay

Photography & Videography
Epica Pictures

Social Media

Supported by Firedog Communications (Motion Graphics), Shout Media (contest design & graphics) and Primary Foto Source.

With thanks to our local media partners: